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Just like us, children have their own daily stresses, and triggers, that require an outlet. Yoga, a form of practice that includes breath control and specific body postures is a great stress relief for children of all ages. It can improve their impulses in a positive direction, builds muscle tone and strength, builds core strength for good posture, maintains flexibility supports and strengthens the immune system as it reduces stress and stimulates the lymph system. It also improves balance, alignment, coordination, increases attention span, improves concentration, promotes better oxygen circulation, balances energy levels and calms the nervous system.   Below...

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Welcome to Mini Actives! We're a fun, vibrant, fashionable, functional, high-quality activewear, made to support your ever-growing girls. Our goal is to encourage young girls all over the world to be healthy, active, courageous, adventurous, feel empowered and most of all, to believe in THEMSELVES as strong, independent women. So relax, grab a cuppa and join us as we chat about all things activewear, active lifestyle and of course raising confident young women! We hope you will stick around with our exciting new blog ...   Mini Actives  xx

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