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Stress and anxiety have a huge impact on our children, and given the current pandemic, our children are becoming increasingly exposed to their effects. Breathing and relaxation are great ways to help ease the tension they bring to our children. Here are two of our favourite ways to help our children de stress.

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Just like us, children have their own daily stresses, and triggers, that require an outlet. Yoga, a form of practice that includes breath control and specific body postures is a great stress relief for children of all ages. It can improve their impulses in a positive direction, builds muscle tone and strength, builds core strength for good posture, maintains flexibility supports and strengthens the immune system as it reduces stress and stimulates the lymph system. It also improves balance, alignment, coordination, increases attention span, improves concentration, promotes better oxygen circulation, balances energy levels and calms the nervous system.   Below...

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We know as parents that it is vitally important for our children to find positive ways to express their thoughts and feelings, our world is constantly changing, and those changes can have less than desirable impacts on our little ones. So today were discussing the importance of Meditation and how it can support our children in times of stress, sleeping issues, and anxiety.

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